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About Da’amat Ethiopia


Da'emat Ethiopia Travel & Tour is licensed in the area of Tour Operation by the Ministry of Trade & certified by the Ministryof Culture & Tourism & other relevant authorities.
The founder of Da’emat grew up a shepherded and then a cowboy. Growing up Travelling & adventure has been part & parcel of his life. Open to such kind of exposure, he continued to purse the experience and open himself for more adventure at high school and university. Lately, when he start tourism classes at college, it’s obvious he added more tours and travels which latter grow in to full scale travelling & adventure. As a traveler who traveled the width & breadth of Ethiopia. It will be with great interest &. Dedication we provide our services.
To provide the quality and joy of traveling our company engages in many activities collaborating as a Research partner in the area of tourism is one this. On the process our interested travelers & adventurers you count on the experience you will have with us. Travelers, tourists, Hikers, Trekkers, adventurers, Historic tour lovers, Researchers, Bird watchers, Endemic researchers of all ages and gender are highly welcomed.




Da'emat Ethiopia Travel & Tour

our mission is to stand out as a leading, globally oriented tour operator that provide experiences that will show the wealth, variety and wonder of Ethiopia to the rest of the world

Da'emat Ethiopia Travel & Tour




Our vision is to make Da'emat Travel & Tour Company to be one of the best Experience selling companies in East Africa!