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Tour code:-16D15N

Tour Type:-Omo Valley

Duration:- 19 Days & 18 Nights
Transport:- Flight & surface

Please Note:
Southern programs are flexible according to the clients final arrival date (and/or international flight schedule), for special events such as the market days and/or ceremonies during the year.




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OMO VALLEY: the real expérience with nature and people

We want to propose this particular Omo valley trip Going to sleep to the Mursi, Muguji, Oromo & Borena people villages; walking to the Netch Sar National park and at the Bale mountains & Elsod crater; walk & have time at the Hamer, Karo & Nyangatom people villages; visit well the Dassanech people villages and Turkana lake, after having experienced the life of the different tribes along the Omo river, the only affluent of the lake.
We use very good camping materials, igloo type tents, portable shower & toilets with tent to protect as possibly our clients privacy & comfort, excellent kitchen and table materials, with cooks preparing delicious meals; but sleeping as much as possible in or next to the different people villages, to experience their way of life and culture, and learn from how they leave a such simple life, along with respect of nature The vehicles are very good for the roads we’ll use and different models, based on the budget and request of the clients.
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